10 Day Bodrum Mediterranean Tour

Travellers Holiday

Day 1: Welcome To Bodrum
(Evening Meal Included)
Today we will you to Bodrum by transferring you from either Bodrum Airport or Bodrum Bus Station to Hotel Kalender where you will spend the night. After check in the rest of the day is yours to explore the gorgeous resort of Bodrum, take some time to relax on the beach or take a stroll through the many market stalls found next to Bodrum Harbour. A fresh home cooked evening meal will be provided for you back at Hotel Kalender, enjoy your meal and spend the evening relaxing around the pool bar or head out into Bodrum where the nights are as busy as the days.

Day 2: Bodrum City Tour & Overnight Hotel In Fethiye
(Breakfast & Evening Meal Included)
After Breakfast we will start our day with a Bodrum City Tour.
St Peters Castle
Visit the Castle of St. Peter, the symbol of Bodrum. The Crusader castle was built by the Knights of St. John between 1402 and 1409. After being defeated in Smyrna (The ancient name of Izmir), the Knights came to Halikarnassos and began the construction of the castle. Unknowingly, they used many stones from the great tomb of Mausolus. Today on the walls of the castle you can see lots of stones from Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The fortifications of the castle consisted of walls to which ramparts and central towers were added. Also there are four towers; The French, Italian, German and English. The French Tower stands at the highest point of the complex, 48 meters above sea level. Today the castle's rooms are used as a museum where finds from the Bronze Age, Mycenaean, Archaic, and Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period are exhibited. The castle also houses the largest underwater archeological museum in Turkey. It is one of the few of its kind in the world. The reconstruction of a ship-wreck the museum itself is worth a visit.
See what is left of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum. The Mausoleum, King Mausolus' tomb, is at the origin of the funerary monuments of great dimensions and sumptuous architecture. Mausolus was the ruler of the Caria Kingdom between 377 and 353 BC; he made Halikarnassos its capital. Then he enclosed his new capital with a huge wall. He also adorned the city with splendid edifices, the most famous of which was the Mausoleum which he designed as a great Carian shrine dedicated to himself.

His sister-wife Artemisia completed it after he died during her own reign. It was so beautiful that it became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. (The other six wonders were the Pyramids of Egypt, the Lighthouse at Alexandria, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Hanging gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the Artemis Temple. at Ephesus.)

The architects of the monumental tomb were Pythius and Satyrus. From south to north it was 63 feet wide and it was surrounded by 36 columns. The funeral chamber itself was 8 by 9 meters and about 2 meters high.

Today you can see the cleared platform and some of the finds from the magnificent Mausoleum. The stones were used for the construction of the castle and some parts of the tomb are exhibited at the British Museum in London, England.
The Amphitheatre
Visit the ancient theater The Theatre is located on the hillside overlooking Bodrum. Built in the time of Mausolus, it is one of the very few surviving pre-Hellenistic theaters in Asia Minor and thus one of the oldest. It had a seating capacity of about 13.000 spectators. The hillside theater that dates from the 4th century BC was built to seat 5.000 people. When rediscovered, it was not in very good condition and therefore has been recently restored. The view of the town from there is beautiful. Once you have experienced the sights and sounds of Bodrum its time to start our journey to Fethiye where we will overnight in a Fethiye Hotel.

Day 3: Daily Boat Cruise Fethiye To Olu Deniz
(Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meal Included)
Today you will get to experience Olu Deniz, the sparkling blue waters of Olu Deniz lagoon provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing boat cruise. After breakfast at your hotel you will be transferred to Oludeniz where the boat departs. Swim in the azure blue waters of the Blue Cave. Climbe to the waterfall and have a look at the butterflies at Butterfly Valley, or just be lazy and sunbathe on the beautiful beach. Lunch is served in Aquarium Bay. You may have a look at the interesting archaeological site of St Nicholas Island and enjoy the amazing view! Be brave and swim in Cold Water Bay. Our captain takes us then to Camel Beach for a last swim before returning to Olu deniz Beach ready to be transferred back to our Fethiye Hotel for our evening meal.

Day 4: Begin Our 4 Day Cruise Fethiye To Olympos
(Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meal Included)
After Breakfast you wil be transferred to Fethiye Harbour, our departure will be between 11 and 12 a.m. to Samanlik bay for swimming and lunch. Butterfly Valley (sea conditions permitting) is our next stop for a swim and to visit this natural reserve, hosting 136 kinds of different butterflies and moths. Afterwards we cruise to Oludeniz, the Blue Lagoon again sea conditions permitting. Option for para gliding available. Last stop of the day is St. Nicholas island. Visit the Byzantine ruins, swim, dinner and first night.

Day 5: Olympos Cruise Continues
(Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meal Included)
Around sunrise departure to Aquarium or Firnaz bay near Kalkan for breakfast and swimming. Cruising to Kas where we stop in the harbor for lunch and visit of this charming fishing village. Of ancient Antiphellos, as Kas was once known, only Lycian rock tombs and sarcophagi and the Roman theatre are left. But the charm of the town remains! In a bay near Kekova we stop for swimming, dinner and the second night.

Day 6: Olympos Cruise Continues
(Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meal Included)
Breakfast. Departure to Sunken City of Kekova (this Lycian- Roman archaeological site is protected, so only looking!) Simena, a traditional Turkish fishing village with no car access and Byzantine/Ottoman castle. In Gokkaya bay watersports are available. Dinner, relax in this pirates haven or party the night away at the Smugglers Inn.

Day 7: Welcome To Olympos
(Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meal Included)
After breakfast we have a look at the Pirates Cave before cruising to Andriace harbor (lunch). Bus transfer to the archaeological site of Myra, and to Demre for the St. Nicholas Church. After our day of sightseeing you will be transferred to all Treehouses in Olympos, where we will overnight.

Day 8: Olympos To Istanbul
(Breakfast Included)
Today you have free day, enjoy a lazy breakfast and spend the day relaxing and preparing for your overnight bus to Istanbul. After your evening meal you will be transferred to the bus station to connect with your overnight bus to Istanbul.

Day 9: Welcome To Istanbul
(Breakfast Included)
On arrival in Istanbul you will be transferred from Istanbul Bus Station to your chosen hotel. After you have checked into you Hotel enjoy and freshly prepared breakfast and enjoy your free time in Istanbul.

Day 10: Full Day Istanbul City Tour
(Breakfast Included)
After breakfast you will be Picked up from your hotel for the full day tour of Istanbul city.

Visit to ST. SOPHIA This ancient basilica, built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century, is one of the architectural marvels of all time.

TOPKAPI PALACE The great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries housing an exquisite collection of cyrstal, silver, and Chinese porcelain, robes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed.

SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE Across from St. Sophia built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet, is known as the BLUE MOSQUE because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue Iznik tiles.

HIPPODROME Ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races, with the three monuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine.

We will then take you to the GRAND COVERED BAZAAR In this labyrinth of streets and passages are more then 4,000 shops with each trade having its own area: the goldsmiths' street, the carpet sellers, Turkish arts and crafts, such as handpainted ceramic plates, hand-honed copperware, brassware and trays, water ewers, onyx-ware and meerschaum pipes. As todays City Tour comes to an end, so has our 10 Day exploration of the many sights and sounds of Turkey. You will be transferred back to your Hotel where its time to say goodbye as you now will continue with your onward travels.

10 Day Bodrum Mediterranean Tour Inclusions: : Arrival Transfer From Bodrum Airport or Bus Station
: 1 Night At Hotel Kalender Bodrum
: 2 Nights Fethiye Accommodation
: 4 Day Fethiye To Olympos Cruise
: 1 Night Stay In The Treehouses Of Olympos
: Overnight Bus To Istanbul
: 1 Night Istanbul Accommodation
: Bodrum City Tour
: Daily Olu Deniz Boat Trip
: Full Day Istanbul City Tour
: Transportation
: Services Of A Professional Tour Guide
: Entrance Fees As Per Itinerary
: Meals As Per Itinerary